Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Island Of Paradise

Walt: write a creative story in paragraphs

My Island Of Paradise.

My paradise is everything I ever wanted. It would be far away from New Zealand and closer to South Africa. So that I can wake up in the morning look across and see the animals roaming around.

Jumping under the waterfalls and swimming with the dolphins is a morning course for me. I get up and beat the sun I cannonball under the waterfalls and observe the water falling escaping from the top and watch the sun rise.  I hold onto the dorsal fin and they drag me right out where I can lie on the seabed and relax. We squirt water onto each other and I listen to them making their sounds.

I go with my friends to my theatre and watch Titanium and 1D perform their latest albums and rock with them on stage. We’ll play X Factor and video it with the best recorder ever. 3 people would be eliminated and they would become dancers. Titanium would show their moves to the remaining auditions and 1D would give tips on how to improve their songs. They would all perform but their could only be one winner.

We’ll all go to my underground sportsfield and we’ll train with the All Blacks. We’ll train, and train, and train. Then after a two hour break they would play against the Melbourne Rebels and stay up really late. Richie MCcaw was snooring so hard   

If dreams were reality Bye bye.


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