Thursday, 8 August 2013

Prevention is better than cure

WALT: respond to the presentation given by the Public Health Dept

Prevention is better than cure

A doctor from  Starship Hospital and three people (Steve Rapira, Sione Lousi, Ben Henry) from the Warriors came to our school to talk about Rheumatic Fever. The warriors came so that the children would listen to the warriors, about checking their sore throats. The talk took about 25 minutes so that it wasn’t that long, that leads to boring, but soaks into childrens brain.

Awen Guttenbeil, an ex-warrior, and also represented Tonga also came. He told us a story of himself. When he was young,  he had a sore throat, but didn’t want to tell his parents, because he wanted to be “the man”. At the age of 9, it was time to get up but he couldn’t move, his body was stiff, like he was paralyzed. He had to drag himself downstairs to his parents, who took him straight to the doctor, then immediately to the hospital. After a long, long time he got told he had rheumatic fever. He had to take injections on his bum for 10 years.

Rheumatic fever starts with a sore throat. Awen and Crystal King from our school both have the same problem. They both have the same message, If you get sick don’t hold back, talk to your nurse or even a family member before it gets way out of hand. Crystal caught it when she was around the age of 6. She developed breathing problems, had sore joints, and spent a lot of months in hospital. Now both Crystal and Awen regret never telling a parent, and getting it sorted.

The message is prevention is better than cure. Which means stopping it from happening to you is better than trying to cure it once it has already happened.   

Now that I’ve heard their stories I will never ignore a sore throat. Will you?


Crystal said...

Hi Britney. I enjoyed your response to the day we had that special assembly. It's nice how you included me into your story, which is very touching. It is all ways good to tell someone that you have a sore throat. Because if you don't you might end up like me, getting injections on your bum haha. What was your favourite part of that day?

Britney said...

Thanks Crystal for your reply. You should be everywhere you are very, supportive and inspiring. My favourite part of the day was when Mrs Barry and I kept jumping into the photos. Once she actually tripped.

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