Friday, 23 August 2013

My Inspirational Person- Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Sir Peter Robert Jackson, is a highly acclaimed New Zealand director.He never once forgot about New Zealand. He has produced his movies in New Zealand and has used, New Zealand crews, and scenes. He has director the full series of the Lord of the rings and the hobbit. He has also directed King kong, heavenly creatures, the frighteners, forgotten silver, Dead alive/ braindead and the lovely bones. Also district 9 and west of mephist.

At the age of eight he got a 8mm movie camera. He only thought he would become a photographer, because he only knew how to take photos. Without any formal training or help he was encouraged to take a deeper road leading to become a movie producer. As he went through his life, he kept making movies, using his friends as characters, his house as the setting, and the kitchen tools as props.

As an only child, Jackson's imagination was inspired by a picturesque coastline of cliffs and caves. At an early age he was captivated by the T.V series Thunderbirds. For the rest of his childhood and adolescence he continued to make short films, devising his own special effects and painstakingly animating models inspired by the fantastic monsters he admired in the films of the American animator and director Ray Harryhausen.

He accepted a challenge to produce his own movies with no help from any family or outsiders. He has always worked hard, and has been continuously focused on achieving his challenge. And now he looks back at his movies as a work of amazing art.

He has never forgotten New Zealand. For all his movies he has always produced and recorded them in New Zealand. Other producers I know have taken their movies all over the world. So for Peter Jackson to bring his ideas and work and record it here in New Zealand using our scenes and props really makes me know and realize him for who he really is.

Even though I have no talent to filmmaking I want to have the same strive that he had and probably still has. I can’t wait till he makes another astonishing movie.


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