Friday, 30 August 2013


This maths game was really hard. Most of the time I was getting confused and muddle up. After a while, It got bigger and bigger and higher, and higher. The fruit jube machine, produces two types of jubes. They come out in random orders. I didn't really understand it so, I couldn't go that far. Give it go then reply to me if you get it.

Heres the website:

My Collage


My collage made at Tamaki College.
I used the pictures from things I love.
Like sports, style, hip hop, guitar, cars and Queensland.
Then I used I laughing face
because I love laughing, until I fall.

Jacqui Brown

Walt: to write a character study, from someone from The Argument.

Jacqui Brown- the narrator


Jacqui Brown is an interesting character in the story, The argument.  He displays several qualities which make him/ an interesting character. Jacqui Brown is really concerned.  This is evident when he runs into the garden. He is also curious.  We witness this when, even though his mum told him not to go, he went through the bushes to the outlook to look across the bay.  This essay will show that Jacqui Brown possesses the two qualities just mentioned.  This essay will also show how the examples just mentioned show unique qualities.

Friday, 23 August 2013


WALT: analyze the character in a story.


Min has been to many places around the world. She now lives in a caravan. Instead of going to her yoga, she goes to her daughters school on international day and speaks about how it was. She wears a Crimson Sari, and takes different instruments from different countries. She is excited that Ms Mooliba is coming to her caravan. She lights candles and awaits for her arrival. They sit down and eat one of Mins famous Greek dishes. They all laugh and have a really good time.

Poster Washing Hands

My Inspirational Person- Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Sir Peter Robert Jackson, is a highly acclaimed New Zealand director.He never once forgot about New Zealand. He has produced his movies in New Zealand and has used, New Zealand crews, and scenes. He has director the full series of the Lord of the rings and the hobbit. He has also directed King kong, heavenly creatures, the frighteners, forgotten silver, Dead alive/ braindead and the lovely bones. Also district 9 and west of mephist.

At the age of eight he got a 8mm movie camera. He only thought he would become a photographer, because he only knew how to take photos. Without any formal training or help he was encouraged to take a deeper road leading to become a movie producer. As he went through his life, he kept making movies, using his friends as characters, his house as the setting, and the kitchen tools as props.

As an only child, Jackson's imagination was inspired by a picturesque coastline of cliffs and caves. At an early age he was captivated by the T.V series Thunderbirds. For the rest of his childhood and adolescence he continued to make short films, devising his own special effects and painstakingly animating models inspired by the fantastic monsters he admired in the films of the American animator and director Ray Harryhausen.

He accepted a challenge to produce his own movies with no help from any family or outsiders. He has always worked hard, and has been continuously focused on achieving his challenge. And now he looks back at his movies as a work of amazing art.

He has never forgotten New Zealand. For all his movies he has always produced and recorded them in New Zealand. Other producers I know have taken their movies all over the world. So for Peter Jackson to bring his ideas and work and record it here in New Zealand using our scenes and props really makes me know and realize him for who he really is.

Even though I have no talent to filmmaking I want to have the same strive that he had and probably still has. I can’t wait till he makes another astonishing movie.

Pizza Game

The walt in this game was to learn how to make pizzas. We are making pizzas by serving, making, and presenting to customers. I was going to  taking orders, making them then serving then doing it all over again.

It was all easy, but it got challenging when more and more customers came, they were getting really angry. It would be more difficult, If the pizzas cooked faster, or you had to get a lot of toppings, and if there was time for everything.

Next I want to learn to be a proffessional at it.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Basketball Poem

The lights go on, the floor covered with light
Two team ready to play through the night

The moves are fantastic, the jumpers so sweet
They fall from 10, 15, and 20 feet

She's fearless and leads us to victory
Her name's Bernadette, but we call her BD

Whether up by ten or down by five,
When she's on the floor the game comes alive

The handle, the passes, the shots raining down
Leaves the other team's coach with a perpetual frown

Always first in her mind is the team's victory
Her name's Bernadette, but we call her BD.

My Second poem

He mumbled five more minutes is all we needed,
never have I seen him look so defeated,
you can't win them all son, no matter how hard you try,
now shake off this gloom and send your grief to the sky.

He smiles, that crooked smile says motivation's all I need
let me practice one more hour, basketball is what I bleed
he shoots and he shoots til the daylight is all gone
practicing his free throws and yelling bring it on!

This boy of mine is ALL basketball, he won't sit in the corner
watch out world and remember his name... John Jason Horner.     

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Prevention is better than cure

WALT: respond to the presentation given by the Public Health Dept

Prevention is better than cure

A doctor from  Starship Hospital and three people (Steve Rapira, Sione Lousi, Ben Henry) from the Warriors came to our school to talk about Rheumatic Fever. The warriors came so that the children would listen to the warriors, about checking their sore throats. The talk took about 25 minutes so that it wasn’t that long, that leads to boring, but soaks into childrens brain.

Awen Guttenbeil, an ex-warrior, and also represented Tonga also came. He told us a story of himself. When he was young,  he had a sore throat, but didn’t want to tell his parents, because he wanted to be “the man”. At the age of 9, it was time to get up but he couldn’t move, his body was stiff, like he was paralyzed. He had to drag himself downstairs to his parents, who took him straight to the doctor, then immediately to the hospital. After a long, long time he got told he had rheumatic fever. He had to take injections on his bum for 10 years.

Rheumatic fever starts with a sore throat. Awen and Crystal King from our school both have the same problem. They both have the same message, If you get sick don’t hold back, talk to your nurse or even a family member before it gets way out of hand. Crystal caught it when she was around the age of 6. She developed breathing problems, had sore joints, and spent a lot of months in hospital. Now both Crystal and Awen regret never telling a parent, and getting it sorted.

The message is prevention is better than cure. Which means stopping it from happening to you is better than trying to cure it once it has already happened.   

Now that I’ve heard their stories I will never ignore a sore throat. Will you?

Friday, 2 August 2013


WALT: Revisit renaming fractions,placing fractions on a number line and order fractions. 

The whole point of this game was to drag the fractions from lowest to highest and hang them up like pictures.

It wasn't really hard.

It was quite easy. Trouble free.

Next I will have to challenge myself with harder fractions.


WALT: retell the story

Ana’s parents were packing to go to the beach. The lid to the chilly bin had gone missing they all started searching for it. Mum had found the chilly bin lid behind the washing machine. Now that everything was ready and packed they set off to the beach, with Diggity the dog.

When they arrived dad had laid out two chairs, mum had put Lucy down beside her, layered with sunscreen. As Ana sits down to enjoy the sun, she realises that Diggity was no longer where he was before. She got up looked around for a bit. Sand flew dramatically into dads eyes. He went running after something and Anna decided to follow. When they finally stopped dad and Anna saw Diggity lying full of blood on the floor with bite marks in his neck. A big, dark dog was on top of Diggity and had been biting Diggity’s neck. Dad grabbed a big stick to try and shoo the dog away but the dog didn’t react. The big, dark dog wouldn’t get off Diggity. Dad got a bucket of water and splashed it on Diggity but again he didn’t get off Diggity. The tides smashed against the shore, the dog stood back for a while. Dad picked Diggity up and hurried for the car, with Anna behind him and mum and Lucy already in the car. They took him straight to the vet, then went home, to wait .

The phone was ringing and no one was rushing to answer it, they all thought that with that amount of blood lost that Diggity wouldn’t survive. The veterinarian told them that Diggity had been saved, not sure how, but they all were so happy. Diggity was wrapped in a lot of bandages. Anna smiled.

Money Wise

Evans fun personality made me really enjoy learning about money. Money isn’t my type of topic, but he made it really interactive, interesting and amusing. His discussions were really fun, and easy to follow. He really stood out.

Evan’s speech was related to what myself and my family already do. In our family we are not allowed to spend all of our allowance, we have to start saving for the future. I’ve been told that I would become a great lawyer, so i’m trying to save up for the really high taxes, that also Evan has talked about. I’m also saving up to go to sports games, and concerts.  

Spend some on you, and save some too.