Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Final step to Tarte Tatin

Now for the finish. Put a plate on the top of pan. Place one hand on the top of the pastry and flip the pan. Then lift the pan. If it is perfect you've followed my steps but if its ugly that wasn't my instructions.  There you go A Tarte Tatin.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Step 3 to making Tarte Tatin

Thanks for the patience. Now get pastry and cut it into a circle and place it on top of the pan. Then put it into the oven and wait till the pastry has gone nice and crispy. Now for the finishing touch come back tomorrow and see how to finish it off.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Step 2 to making Tarte Tatin

So carrying on from yesterday you have your apples prepared. Then grab a cup of soft brown sugar and shake it over all the apples. Making it a sugary coat. Then put it into a pan with melted butter
turning the apples around to make it all caramel. Stay tune for tomorrows steps to making tarte tatin.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Step 1 to making Tarte Tatin

Today we made Tarte Tatin. A Tarte Tatin is an upside down apple pie basically. So starting with grabbing four apples then peeling and cutting them. Make sure that you get majority of the skin off and taking the core out. Wait for tomorrow to get step 2.Wait for tomorrow to get the next step.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


This game I had to find out how many pints were in an amount of gallons. My first try was hard because I didn't know how to work out pints and gallons. As soon as I found out pints it was a lot easier. This game helped me with volume. This  week I was trying to work and solve problems in strand. This game was really useful.

My Career Idol

Tony Williams

Tony Williams is an author, comedian, poet, director and filmmaker. Before becoming an author he was a journalist. He has published over 37 books, on many topics. Books on Children’s fiction, murder, sport, war and many others. He has written a series of rugby books, featuring All Black legends Sean Fitzpatrick, Zinzan Brooke, Michael Jones, Ian Jones, Frank Bunce, and Carlos Spencer. He also did a series of 'Super 12' rugby books published in 1998. The teams Blues, Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders, and the Hurricanes. I would love to read his books on sport and murder, cause i’m really interested in those areas.

Questions For Tony Williams

  • Who inspired you become an author?

  • What advice do you give young students, that want to follow in your footsteps?

  • Where do you get your inspiration to keep going with writing books?

  • What’s your views on the government moving people out of their houses?

  • What relaxes you in the evening?

  • How did your skills from journalism help you with writing books?

  • Can you show us the english haka?

  • What movies have you made?

  • What is some of your funniest comedian jokes?

  • Because your a comedian has there ever been a time when you’ve said something and the audience hasn’t laughed?

  • Which job is more complicated being a comedian, or a movie director?

  • I’m making a movie is there any tips you could give me about being a director?

The Beach

The sun awoke the beach. The sight of Rangitoto was absolutely beautiful. Crowds of people arrived amazingly fast in their swimsuits ready to get their beach on. The light from the sun glittered the sea like shiny gold. The laughter in everyone’s voice filled the air. The sight of children splashing in the water was impossible to miss. Barbeques, fresh hot chickens and fruit salads erupted like a volcano. Mission Bay was busier than ever.

There were long lines leading towards the ice-cream truck. Jackson waited and waited looking at everyone grab their ice-creams and give it it’s first exaggerating lick. Customers filled their hands with ice-cream cones. The line moved slower than a snail. Jackson was finally second place. The customer in front of him was very muscular and tall. When Jackson heard the man in front of him speak, he bursted into laughter. He couldn’t help it so he said “How can a man that muscular speak like a little girl.”
When the man in front of him heard that his face lit up like a ripe tomato.

Jackson blinked then saw the same muscular built man stand right in front of his nose. With such fright he took a humungous gulp. His tongue crawled at the back of his throat. He choked and coughed all over the man's muscles.  He shouldn’t have done that.

In such horror he ran for his life. He reached the water and dived in. He thought that he out ran the man. He stood up and the water in his clothes leaked like a running tap. Trying to ring out his clothes he saw a shadow up above him. It was the man. He was holding two ice-creams and looked amazingly scary. Jackson yelled “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”
The man just laughed. “ Why are you sorry for I was only trying to give you an ice-cream” He said.
The man gave Jackson the Ice-cream and walked towards his family. Jackson yelled out thank you, then went to his family. Jackson looked at his Ice-cream and just smiled.

Theme: A boy running away from a kind man.


Elephant VS Crocodile