Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Walt: Write an information report


The Egyptians believed that once that have died they would have an afterlife. Afterlife is a place where the dead could roa forever and forever.A priest touched the mummy’s mouth with a special instrument, so that the dead could eat and speak in the afterlife. But not everyone were mummified and put into a pyramid. It was based on the death on the royal people.

Before putting the dead person into a coffin, there was a process needed. You had to wash the dead body. Next the inside of the body was taken out of them and put into 4 special jars. Then the brain was pulled out through the nose. A pile of salt were set out around the corps. Then the insides were stuffed with rags and herbs. Finally rubbed with oil and wrapped with bandages.  

The pyramid of Giza is believed to have taken 20 to 30 years. It was believed to use about 2,300,000 blocks of stone. Also about 100,000 slaves. It took about 10 years to build a cause connecting the pyramid to a temple and a valley below. It was 480 feet high and 750 feet long each side.

Pyramids are not in one place, they are scattered all around Egypt. Pyramids are distributed to the Upper and Lower parts of Egypt. The pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders is still standing. It stands on the outside of Cairo. Also along the Nile river.

The first pyramid was built by a king called sneferu. He became king as a young man. He had many years to live that made him have plenty of time to make not just one but three pyramids in two different places in Egypt. One at Meidum and two at Dashur.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Google Map around Glen Innes and Mount Wellington

View Glen Innes New Zealand in a larger map. Click this link to also read my story.

 This is my Google Lit Trip made on Google maps. We based our map on Glen Innes and Mount Wellington.

We will be making one on Egypt, so keep checking my blog to read my Lit Trip on Egypt.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Dobir The Donkey

Dabir the Donkey

Dabir is a very naughty Donkey. He is in the Desert nearby a Pyramid.

There was a rock nearby his hoof with nothing better to do he kicked it harder, harder and harder. Sending it, it went up and up and up. Coming back down it flew into a beehive knocking it to the ground. The bees flew out angrily. For a few minutes the bees were chasing Dobir around the pyramid. He ran and ran until he noticed they weren’t chasing him any more. He then rested in the shade of a date palm tree.

He then saw camels. He wanted to play with them so he ran around and around them. All he managed to do was kick sand into their face. The camels got so annoyed that they chased him around and around the pyramid. When he noticed that they weren’t chasing him he stopped and rested underneath the date palm tree again.

Then he noticed a group of crocodiles lying in the mud of the riverbank. He kicked this hoof up and said Hee Haw, Hee Haw. The largest crocodile got fed up. he moved closer. When Dobir looked down he noticed that the crocodile was about to bite his leg. He ran towards the pyramid and the crocodile and Dobir ran around the pyramid for a bit longer. Until the Crocodile went back to sleep.

Dobir was tired and headed towards the shade of the date palm tree. When his master came Dbir didn’t get up. His master got frustrated, and Dobir and the master when running around and around the pyramid.    

My Cartouche

My name in Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics is an Egyptian language.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Balancing Fractions

Balancing Fractions

I was revising fractions, by playing a game called balancing fractions. I had to make a fraction in the left box using the fractions up above, then try to make the same fraction in the right box using different fractions.

I either halved or quartered the fraction in the left box and put it into the right box. Some of the time I tried to use various fractions but some of them didn’t work.

The easy part was putting the fractions into the left box but the hard part was finding the exact fractions to put into the right box.

I would like to learn to multiply fractions, faster and understand it easier.  


Walt:use our emotions to describe playing sport


I was anxious and motivated to play my first game with my friends out of the school hours. As we did our cheers I could tell we were all confident with the loud and clear tone we all had. As the whistle blew I was ready. I felt mixed emotions.I was nervous and eager simultaneously.  We all had smiles on our faces and our supporters were amazing. I was thrilled. I felt Superhuman. After the game we were all relieved. The game and support made me invincible.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Planetarium Vocab

The meanings:

Gas cloud nebulae: Is gathering a cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gasses.

Interstellar space: Is the space between the stars.

Terminator line: The dividing line between the bright and the not bright part of the moon's or a planet's disk.

Observatory:  A building housing a telescope or other scientific equipment for the study of a natural remarkable person.

Constellation: A group of stars forming a pattern identified with a mythological figure.

Latitude: Regions with reference to their temperature and distance from the equator.

Celestial bodies: Objects visible in the sky.


These games are all coordinates. You find coordinates on maps and graphs. A coordinate in an exact position.

In coordinates there are X and Y. You always start with the X then go onto the Y. With a pair of numbers, For example(3,2) You start with the 3 on the x then go onto 2Y.

I got the hang of it really easy and so there was no hard part. Even with the negative numbers it starts from the X then to the Y.

I need to work more on finding the difference from the exact position.
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Statuette Of Isis

Statuette Of Isis is an ancient Egyptian Myth.

Ra is the sun God and Isis the Queen of Gods.

The problem was that Ra had great power, he could control everything in the world. Just by simply speaking the name of it.  Ra had complete power of birds, animals and things. Isis wanted the power for herself. Whenever Ra drooled Isis collected his spit. With his spit she created a serpent. Ra had no control over this serpent. When Ra went for his daily walk in the sky the serpent stung him. He began to burn with the serpent’s venom.

Isis would only cure Ra in exchange for his secret, great name. Ra gave many nicknames but Isis was not fooled. Fearing his life Ra finally gave in. That is how Isis learned the secret of Ra’s power.  


Vision blurred,
Shoes swimming in,
Bucketloads rushing down like,
Hail running down the treetops.

Only to,
Stand there anxiously,
Afraid from the ground,
But waltzing in the air.

Wondering on,
From the dark,
Dull sky, with advantage,
Waiting, for another horrible day.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Island Of Paradise

Walt: write a creative story in paragraphs

My Island Of Paradise.

My paradise is everything I ever wanted. It would be far away from New Zealand and closer to South Africa. So that I can wake up in the morning look across and see the animals roaming around.

Jumping under the waterfalls and swimming with the dolphins is a morning course for me. I get up and beat the sun I cannonball under the waterfalls and observe the water falling escaping from the top and watch the sun rise.  I hold onto the dorsal fin and they drag me right out where I can lie on the seabed and relax. We squirt water onto each other and I listen to them making their sounds.

I go with my friends to my theatre and watch Titanium and 1D perform their latest albums and rock with them on stage. We’ll play X Factor and video it with the best recorder ever. 3 people would be eliminated and they would become dancers. Titanium would show their moves to the remaining auditions and 1D would give tips on how to improve their songs. They would all perform but their could only be one winner.

We’ll all go to my underground sportsfield and we’ll train with the All Blacks. We’ll train, and train, and train. Then after a two hour break they would play against the Melbourne Rebels and stay up really late. Richie MCcaw was snooring so hard   

If dreams were reality Bye bye.