Friday, 10 May 2013

Statuette Of Isis

Statuette Of Isis is an ancient Egyptian Myth.

Ra is the sun God and Isis the Queen of Gods.

The problem was that Ra had great power, he could control everything in the world. Just by simply speaking the name of it.  Ra had complete power of birds, animals and things. Isis wanted the power for herself. Whenever Ra drooled Isis collected his spit. With his spit she created a serpent. Ra had no control over this serpent. When Ra went for his daily walk in the sky the serpent stung him. He began to burn with the serpent’s venom.

Isis would only cure Ra in exchange for his secret, great name. Ra gave many nicknames but Isis was not fooled. Fearing his life Ra finally gave in. That is how Isis learned the secret of Ra’s power.  


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