Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dancing maniacs

The school disco was mind blowing. We had the best time dancing, singing and having dance battles with each other. Some students did hilarious dance moves, that everyone could join.  Everyone looked magnificent, they had dressed really well. The music was very danceable.  The best thing of all was that everyone was having fun, no one was left out.  It was beyond amazing. Everyone had really enjoyed it, they kept asking for another disco.


Longa said...

Hi Britney, I had an awesome disco and everyone was talking about it the next day at school. I enjoyed myself. How about you? I can't wait for the next disco.

Talia said...

It's was really amazing I wish that we called have another Disco.... I'm sure you enjoyed it Britney!

Chloe said...

Hi Britney,
You must of had an amazing time. Also you're one of the best Gangnam Style dancers I know. Meaning to ask you. Would you like to have another disco?

Principal@GI said...

I appreciate the effort that your group put in to make sure that everyone was included. That was a very mature attitude.

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