Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Reflections for term 1

Walt: reflect on my learning

My Reflections for term 1

This week we  had three e-asttle tests. We had to chose our own level based on where we were. I decided to challenge myself and do level 4-5.

My first test was maths, with number and measurement.  I was proud. I was ahead of the National Standard, with a 4P. I believe I did really well in Algebra. I really need to work on sharing quantities in given ratios. I would have really liked it if I was a 4A or 5B. I would need to take more homework. And also be more serious about my learning.Every afternoon I will go over the work done in class.

Then it was reading comprehension test. My overall score was a 4P. I did well with understanding and interpreting what the author wrote and  the purpose. I didn’t know that I was going to have a strength in knowing the meaning of different words. I have to work more on selecting the accurate and logical information. To move up I believe I have to read more chapter books that have words that I don’t know.

I had another maths test this morning, but this one was on geometry and statistics. To be honest I was nervous for this test. But I did really well and got a 4P. My main strength was describing the features of 2D and 3D objects using the language of geometry. I really need to work on knowing  symmetry and angles of polygons. I would need to do worksheets and sums to help me with geometry and statistics and maybe recap the things we have done.

My goal for next term is to at least go one or two levels up from where I am now. But next term I will back for a whole new learning and I can’t wait.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Toy

Walt: Learning the mechanisms of toys.
My Toy-Technology

My Toy was easy and simple for me to make and the needs were all everyday life things.
We had learned about different mechanisms 3/4 weeks earlier. The five classic mechanisms are wheel and axles, ramps, pulleys, levers and screws and wedges.

I had used Ramps, pulleys and wedges in my toy. To connect my mechanisms together I used PVA glue, cellotape and our class stapler. It was really easy to get the materials because they were all here in our classroom and at my house. Nothing was difficult, because it was all simple.

I did have a few problems with my toy but with my three mechanisms I was able to complete it. And it worked.

Our toys were commented and judged by our principal Mr Hendricks. Everyone had done very well for their first time. There was three winners, and gladly I was one of them. There were two others Mathew and Mikayla.

Food Tech

Food Tech
Walt: to  prepare different foods from around the world.

I really enjoyed learning and tasting different foods from different places. Every time we cooked I felt like I was in the country or Island. I loved when we went to USA. We made the yummiest burgers. Mary and I ate it till the last bite.

I didn’t really enjoy the Pisupo we had made. But I was glad to try it.

The burgers  were so yummy that I went home and challenged my older sister. We also had to make a drink so I gave them water. My sister really thought that she could beat me but I beat her by miles.

I would like to try something from Italy and maybe Germany.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Integer Slam

Walt: add and subtract integers up to positive 12 or negative 12.

A pack of cards.
1-3 players.

The aim of the game is to use your three cards to get 12 or minus 12.

Each player gets three cards. The red is negative and the black is positive. Using those three cards they all have to add up to either 12 or negative 12. The top deck of cards goes on top. If you can’t use the three cards to make either 12, there is a discard pile. The next player can take a card from the deck of cards or the discard pile. First one to get minus 12 or positive 12 is the winner.

I need to get a better understanding of how to change a decimal into a fraction.

To Mrs Robinson

Dear Mrs Robinson

gamsahabnida very much for your excellent lessons and for teaching us professional skills.

I enjoyed learning new self defence moves and various techniques. I really enjoyed kicking and punching the boxing bag. It was really fun. I also enjoyed the funny times we all had.

I learnt the tenets of Taekwondo and use them more often even Indomitable spirit. I also learnt how to count up to ten in Korean and new words in Korean. I also learnt the student oath.

I am going to take all the tenets of Taekwondo and use it in sports and teamwork opportunities.

I really enjoyed Taekwondo so by dad is enrolling me in a Taekwondo club and maybe i’ll see you in one of them.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely

A caring, fun, Innovative environment

Glen Innes School is an amazing, appealing, and adventurous school. It has incredible achievements.

Glen Innes School is a really caring school. In the 8 years I’ve been here, the staff has given and supplied food to those that didn’t have without hesitation. Breakfast is offered to those that don’t have breakfast. But most of our students have their breakfast before they come to school.

Our school is a very active and amusing.We all enjoy swimming, learning, and building up our stamina in our school swimming pool. We also have G.I’s got talent to showcase everyone's talents from singing, dancing and playing their favourite instrument. Also we have laughable shows. Some of our students actually get to act in them.

We are innovative. Meaning original and different. This year 33 students from rooms 11 and 12 are being chosen to show their skills in many codes of sports. We are all looking forward to that. Also the learning on our netbooks. In has helped many of us in our academic and sports work. And also the school acknowledges the students with their new ideas. For example we had made a stunt wheel with the mechanism of wind. A student called Blade Howell had a wonderful idea, to use the leaf blower and see how the stunt wheel reacts to it.

Our environment is clean and healthy. we have fresh and lovely vegetable gardens that we use for fillings in sandwiches. And we have containable grass. Also around of school hall and our school sign we have lovely flowers of different colours.

For the many years this school is around it will have a lot more interesting, fun, innovative ideas. And many more awesome achievement.