Friday, 12 April 2013

A caring, fun, Innovative environment

Glen Innes School is an amazing, appealing, and adventurous school. It has incredible achievements.

Glen Innes School is a really caring school. In the 8 years I’ve been here, the staff has given and supplied food to those that didn’t have without hesitation. Breakfast is offered to those that don’t have breakfast. But most of our students have their breakfast before they come to school.

Our school is a very active and amusing.We all enjoy swimming, learning, and building up our stamina in our school swimming pool. We also have G.I’s got talent to showcase everyone's talents from singing, dancing and playing their favourite instrument. Also we have laughable shows. Some of our students actually get to act in them.

We are innovative. Meaning original and different. This year 33 students from rooms 11 and 12 are being chosen to show their skills in many codes of sports. We are all looking forward to that. Also the learning on our netbooks. In has helped many of us in our academic and sports work. And also the school acknowledges the students with their new ideas. For example we had made a stunt wheel with the mechanism of wind. A student called Blade Howell had a wonderful idea, to use the leaf blower and see how the stunt wheel reacts to it.

Our environment is clean and healthy. we have fresh and lovely vegetable gardens that we use for fillings in sandwiches. And we have containable grass. Also around of school hall and our school sign we have lovely flowers of different colours.

For the many years this school is around it will have a lot more interesting, fun, innovative ideas. And many more awesome achievement.


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