Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Reflections for term 1

Walt: reflect on my learning

My Reflections for term 1

This week we  had three e-asttle tests. We had to chose our own level based on where we were. I decided to challenge myself and do level 4-5.

My first test was maths, with number and measurement.  I was proud. I was ahead of the National Standard, with a 4P. I believe I did really well in Algebra. I really need to work on sharing quantities in given ratios. I would have really liked it if I was a 4A or 5B. I would need to take more homework. And also be more serious about my learning.Every afternoon I will go over the work done in class.

Then it was reading comprehension test. My overall score was a 4P. I did well with understanding and interpreting what the author wrote and  the purpose. I didn’t know that I was going to have a strength in knowing the meaning of different words. I have to work more on selecting the accurate and logical information. To move up I believe I have to read more chapter books that have words that I don’t know.

I had another maths test this morning, but this one was on geometry and statistics. To be honest I was nervous for this test. But I did really well and got a 4P. My main strength was describing the features of 2D and 3D objects using the language of geometry. I really need to work on knowing  symmetry and angles of polygons. I would need to do worksheets and sums to help me with geometry and statistics and maybe recap the things we have done.

My goal for next term is to at least go one or two levels up from where I am now. But next term I will back for a whole new learning and I can’t wait.


Mary said...

Wow! Britney I like that you want to get above your national standers. I love that you want to do more homework to improve your learning. I wonder if it's really hard for you to do more homework?

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