Friday, 6 September 2013

Cross Country Run

Cross Country

It's great to get out surely you see,
To run like the wind so fast and so free.
To blaze a long trail wherever you go,
It just doesn't matter if you're fast or you're slow.

A cross country run or a jog in the street,
A couple of miles on fast moving feet
Your arms are a pumping your bloods in a rush
But it's so much better than taking a bus.

Out with some friends and having some fun
It really is great when you're out for a run.
No matter the weather, sun, snow or rain
You'll only get better if you continue to train.
So run with your body your heart and your mind
It's pleasure and fun I'm sure you will find.
Sometimes it's hard. "That's enough!" you will say,
At the end of a session, a really tough day.

The next time will be better just wait and see
And again you'll be running alive and so free.
So never give up wherever you are
The finishing line is not really far.

As you cross the line,
You're feeling fine,
As you beat the record,
Your fast, and your first.


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