Friday, 25 October 2013

Minister of Health

photo.JPGThe Minister of Health, took a swab test.

Meeting two guys from Parliament

I also talking to two people from the parliament. One that was actually a lawyer for two years, so I learnt  it from him. And the other guy Alfred, introduced me to Sam the guy that was a lawyer for two years. So it was really cool.

Meeting the Minister of health

Talking with the minister of health, was really interesting. I told him things of my own experience taking swab tests. I told him that it was tickly when they did it. Then Tony Ryall asked the nurse it they did it easy on him. And we were just laughing.


I have been learning about Mean, Median, mode and range. Using worksheets and games online.

The Escape

Walt: Write a narrative

The Escape

Boston was still inside the burning house, screeching for help, but no one arrived. Searching afraidly for an exit. Desperately needing to breathe. His head spinning round from all the smoke. His face as red as a ripe tomato, and a badly burnt arm, bleeding like a running tap. The smell of perspiration smells like he hasn’t had a shower in years. Crying for help, then sees himself tilting over, then finally gets smashed to the ground.

He awakes in an ambulance, speeding along the road. He leaps up in such fright, thinking how did I get out. One of the paramedics manage to calm him down, and talk him through where they are taking him and telling him that hes going to be alright. He looks at his arm, and the wound looks unhealable. Boston collapsed in just a few seconds.

They reached the hospital, and Boston peeks daisingly. His head still spinning and his vision looks like a blur. “He needs  medical attention immediately” says one of the paramedics, then takes him into the E.D medical room. The doctor seeks his arm and says “This is really bad, I’m not sure I can” then his words become silent like mute on a t.v. His eyes too sore to keep open and his head to sore to keep working, he deflated again, only this time for a few days.

He was awoken by a short figure over him. It was his little sister trying to wake him from his sleep. With his parents on the side of his bed, relieved with tears. As his dad goes to kiss him on his forehead, he stops and says “Man you really need to have a shower” They all laugh. “How did you escape” his mum says. “Well I actually don’t know. How did I escape?”

Friday, 18 October 2013

The Water Slide

  The water slide at Totara Springs was supreme. It was the grand finale.

Glen Innes School

Spending a week away from my family, with Glen Innes School, and my friends was the best week of my life.

Meeting Weymouth

Meeting Weymouth pupils were amazing. They were all kind and really talented.

Genesis: The power of choice

photo.JPGGenesis came today to talk about choice. Talk about when it comes to bullying just walk away, don't get yourself into more trouble. They did shows and we interacted and got prizes.

Venn Diagram

In this diagram I am comparing the two main characters from the big jump and Message recieved

Sports Camp: The Final Cheer

Walt: write a narrative

Sports Camp: The Final Cheer

As the whistle blew through the wind, the ball flew across the court. Bodies sprinted against the wind, stepping and  passing through the other team.  Already four points behind we’re struggling to keep going. Heavy breathings, and slow movements,  sore muscles restricted our movements. As the ball went up, everyone’s conscious to see what happens, the ball hit the rim tilting in. The whistle blows.

All the players dragged themselves off the court and swallowed their water like they hadn’t drank in a whole week. Still getting hydrated and catching their breath listening to what needs to happen in the next half.  The coach belching out  orders.Then the dreaded whistle blows again, “all in G.I” says the captain. Greens up on three, one, two, three Greens up. Hard!

As the team feelings lifted, they all rush onto the court with the heads held high, smiles, and the skills they know. Four points down, we need to win this its the last half to this final game. The whistle goes, and G.I sprints everywhere, Bethlehem struggling to keep up. The cheers from the sidelines strengthened them up. The ball went into the ring, up it went, and goal. Everyone’s getting their strength back, passionate to win this game. Again into the ring goal, goal, goal, goal.

It was finally full time,we had beaten Bethlehem by four. We all cheered for Bethlehem with massive smiles and red faces. Everyones backs were up straight, no limping, or anything. The girls were really overjoyed, but that didn’t stop them from saying thank you to their opponents.  The game was difficult but G.I managed to walk out of there with the Netball trophy. Underlay, Underlay, we are G.I, G.I oooohhhh.

Theme: Persevere to the very last second.