Friday, 25 October 2013

The Escape

Walt: Write a narrative

The Escape

Boston was still inside the burning house, screeching for help, but no one arrived. Searching afraidly for an exit. Desperately needing to breathe. His head spinning round from all the smoke. His face as red as a ripe tomato, and a badly burnt arm, bleeding like a running tap. The smell of perspiration smells like he hasn’t had a shower in years. Crying for help, then sees himself tilting over, then finally gets smashed to the ground.

He awakes in an ambulance, speeding along the road. He leaps up in such fright, thinking how did I get out. One of the paramedics manage to calm him down, and talk him through where they are taking him and telling him that hes going to be alright. He looks at his arm, and the wound looks unhealable. Boston collapsed in just a few seconds.

They reached the hospital, and Boston peeks daisingly. His head still spinning and his vision looks like a blur. “He needs  medical attention immediately” says one of the paramedics, then takes him into the E.D medical room. The doctor seeks his arm and says “This is really bad, I’m not sure I can” then his words become silent like mute on a t.v. His eyes too sore to keep open and his head to sore to keep working, he deflated again, only this time for a few days.

He was awoken by a short figure over him. It was his little sister trying to wake him from his sleep. With his parents on the side of his bed, relieved with tears. As his dad goes to kiss him on his forehead, he stops and says “Man you really need to have a shower” They all laugh. “How did you escape” his mum says. “Well I actually don’t know. How did I escape?”


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