Friday, 16 August 2013

Basketball Poem

The lights go on, the floor covered with light
Two team ready to play through the night

The moves are fantastic, the jumpers so sweet
They fall from 10, 15, and 20 feet

She's fearless and leads us to victory
Her name's Bernadette, but we call her BD

Whether up by ten or down by five,
When she's on the floor the game comes alive

The handle, the passes, the shots raining down
Leaves the other team's coach with a perpetual frown

Always first in her mind is the team's victory
Her name's Bernadette, but we call her BD.

My Second poem

He mumbled five more minutes is all we needed,
never have I seen him look so defeated,
you can't win them all son, no matter how hard you try,
now shake off this gloom and send your grief to the sky.

He smiles, that crooked smile says motivation's all I need
let me practice one more hour, basketball is what I bleed
he shoots and he shoots til the daylight is all gone
practicing his free throws and yelling bring it on!

This boy of mine is ALL basketball, he won't sit in the corner
watch out world and remember his name... John Jason Horner.     


Devonn said...

Hey Britney your poem's about basketball is really cool. Your stanza's Really rhyme. My question for you is if you had another chance of making a poem what will it be. Thanks for reading the comment!

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