Friday, 2 August 2013


WALT: retell the story

Ana’s parents were packing to go to the beach. The lid to the chilly bin had gone missing they all started searching for it. Mum had found the chilly bin lid behind the washing machine. Now that everything was ready and packed they set off to the beach, with Diggity the dog.

When they arrived dad had laid out two chairs, mum had put Lucy down beside her, layered with sunscreen. As Ana sits down to enjoy the sun, she realises that Diggity was no longer where he was before. She got up looked around for a bit. Sand flew dramatically into dads eyes. He went running after something and Anna decided to follow. When they finally stopped dad and Anna saw Diggity lying full of blood on the floor with bite marks in his neck. A big, dark dog was on top of Diggity and had been biting Diggity’s neck. Dad grabbed a big stick to try and shoo the dog away but the dog didn’t react. The big, dark dog wouldn’t get off Diggity. Dad got a bucket of water and splashed it on Diggity but again he didn’t get off Diggity. The tides smashed against the shore, the dog stood back for a while. Dad picked Diggity up and hurried for the car, with Anna behind him and mum and Lucy already in the car. They took him straight to the vet, then went home, to wait .

The phone was ringing and no one was rushing to answer it, they all thought that with that amount of blood lost that Diggity wouldn’t survive. The veterinarian told them that Diggity had been saved, not sure how, but they all were so happy. Diggity was wrapped in a lot of bandages. Anna smiled.


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