Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Giant Step of Success

Walt: to write a story in sequence.

A Giant Step of Success  

Alice had pictures in her head while she was sleeping about something falling from the sky. She could see a bright light beaming above her head. She awoke with a sudden fight. She saw a flash as fast as Usain Bolt zooming through the house. She was feeling dizzy and desperately needed air. As she exhaustively open the door she scooped the beautiful sight she saw from above. It seemed like a slice of heaven.

While Alice was scoping the dark misty night an adventurous skydiver named David Jones was getting ready to jump from a capsule 47 kilometers away from earth. As he was about to jump his connection with Mission control disconnected. At that moment everything went wrong and before he knew it, he was losing air from his oxygen tank. He was in such panic he forgot everything he had learned, training for this daredevil experience. He was in such a fright he travelled at such a speed he looked like a shooting star.

Alice, was just about to walk inside when she saw something falling from the corner of her eye. She believed it was a falling star and was determined to find it. She couldn't couldn't continue because it was almost early dawn and her parents would be worried sick about her.

David Jones was extremely happy because of his giant step of success. He still tried to contact Mission control but then he knew it was completely dead. Knowing he had no communication devices he started to walk on a path leading to the top of the Bombay Hills. Mission control had taped his fall and was acting like wild gorillas in such relief. When David reached the top he was picked up in a fancy helicopter.

David Jones was on television the next morning telling his amazing journey, he said he would love to do that again sometime. Alice on the other hand was still determined to find that falling star.

With great skills you can achieve great success.


Mary said...

WOW Britney your story is really good. You used lots of expansive words. If you were David Jones how will you feel?

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