Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Toy

Walt: Learning the mechanisms of toys.
My Toy-Technology

My Toy was easy and simple for me to make and the needs were all everyday life things.
We had learned about different mechanisms 3/4 weeks earlier. The five classic mechanisms are wheel and axles, ramps, pulleys, levers and screws and wedges.

I had used Ramps, pulleys and wedges in my toy. To connect my mechanisms together I used PVA glue, cellotape and our class stapler. It was really easy to get the materials because they were all here in our classroom and at my house. Nothing was difficult, because it was all simple.

I did have a few problems with my toy but with my three mechanisms I was able to complete it. And it worked.

Our toys were commented and judged by our principal Mr Hendricks. Everyone had done very well for their first time. There was three winners, and gladly I was one of them. There were two others Mathew and Mikayla.


Trey said...

Nice article Britney. When your toy was completed I was impressed. You deserve being the lucky three people to win the prize. If you had a chance to change something on your toy, what would you change?

Anonymous said...

Cool car. Too bad the track got thrown i the bin! LOL!

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