Monday, 24 June 2013

A Day As A Scribe In Ancient Egypt

WALT: write in paragraphs

I am a scribe in Ancient Egypt. I read and write for the pharaoh.

Every morning I put my white linen kilt, gather my reed brushes, papyrus scrolls, the wooden board that holds my inks, grinder and water pot and head to work.I spend most of my time writing on sacred texts and historical records of pharaohs, nobleman, visors.

Not everyone can read and write, so with my ability I am very thankful. Also I don’t need to worry about tax, getting hungry or dirty. I have been passed down the job from my father. Thats how it goes here in Ancient Egypt.

I eat food that wealthy people eat, such as poultry and well-dated wines. I can afford sweets from other regions such as melons and honey breads. I live in a peasant class house thats bigger than average by size, because I have more farmland than others.


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