Friday, 14 June 2013

Jump Rope

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Jump Rope

Glen Innes School had their Jump Rope for heart in their school hall, on Friday the 7th. It started from the new entrants to the senior part of the school. All classes skipped and showcased their outstanding talents. They were supporting the heart foundation. Classes came to the floor, and skipped.

All classes had amazing skills . Everyone was smiling and having a wonderful time. All the children had long lasting enthusiasm.  But not just the students had high energy, the parents also were thrilled and was feeling the energy from the floor. Each class had about a 3-4 minute routine.

The music that Glen Innes School skipped to raised the roof. They had music that made you want to get up and dance and sing. Funny enough, students from all around the room did. When gentlemen came on everyone was dancing and singing crazy.

On the 22nd of June Glen Innes School are going to be showcasing their talents again at the G.I centre. So go down and see it for yourself. Also bring some coins along to also support the heart foundation.


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