Monday, 24 June 2013

Mum Stepped

WALT: to use better words

Mum Stepped. . .

Mum stepped dramatically onto  the field of the ASB stadium with astonishment. I was waiting on the sidelines with the other All Blacks. Daniel Carter was waiting for her anxiously 10m away from the try line. It was time to finish the big challenge, mum stepping on  Daniel Carter. The TV reporter and camera crew were ready to film.

Mum grabbed the rugby ball, released her foot, and ran towards Daniel Carter. Daniel Carter looked at the crowd like it was a piece of cake then planted his foot in the ground. I was biting my lips nervously, then suddenly it started to bleed. I looked down at my lips, then all I heard was a horn go off then the crowd going crazy. Mum had scored a try.

Mum had an interview with the TV reporter so I went to see Daniel Carter. He was so embarrassed, that he actually started crying. Ma’a Nonu and Israel Dagg quickly dragged him off the field as he was a real mess. Mum and I went home with great joy and excitement. When we went home, mum laid on the couch and put her feet up.
“Aren’t we going to celebrate” I said with surprise,
“I’m going to stay humble” mum replied.

The next morning mum put the channel to 1 to watch the news of course. The interview with mum stepping DC was on. We watched and listened to it. We both found out that DC had been stood down because he’d been stepped by a woman. Mum mum felt so selfish. Mum hunkered over the kitchen table. Then suddenly her eyes were brighter than a star.

She quickly called the camera crew and the reporter to the ASB stadium, and jumped in the car with no waiting at all. I called DC to meet at the stadium and to hurry. When we arrived the camera crew and the reporter and the whole All Blacks team was there. Mum grabbed the ball, got ready and told the camera crew to record it. She ran faster than ever towards DC. I couldn’t watch. 2 seconds later there was a loud roar coming from the All Blacks team DC had done it, he had won the challenge.

Mum eyes widened and her head was held high.  walking straight to the car with a monstrous smile. “Didn’t you need that win” I said. “Nope all I need is you” she replied.

Moral: Parents don’t have to be famous to be a hero. Parents to all kids are heroes.


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