Friday, 6 September 2013



In this story Valentine, the problem is that Robbie thinks Karen doesn’t like him.

On valentine day, Robbie goes to the dairy, just before the bus arrives. He looks for a simple but fantastic gift for Karen. Something that could fit under his sweatshirt so it couldn’t be noticed by anyone. There were a lot of flowers, just screeching with colour. He picked a single rose. Then just in time to hop onto the bus.

He was planning to give it to her at interval. But at maths time, Karen was hanging out with expensive Brett Harvey. Sitting alone, and waiting for her to talk to him. At interval she was again with Brett Harvey. He gave up.

The solution was that Robbie didn’t want to want to see Karen so decided to walk home.Walking home he saw Karen sitting next to the bus stop. She gave Robbie a envelope. Inside was a green wax paper. It said “To Robbie, Happy valentine.


Sanele said...

Hi Britney

I enjoy reading your story and you have been using great world in your story.
I wish you will keep that up. How did you fell about that story?

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