Friday, 17 May 2013

Dobir The Donkey

Dabir the Donkey

Dabir is a very naughty Donkey. He is in the Desert nearby a Pyramid.

There was a rock nearby his hoof with nothing better to do he kicked it harder, harder and harder. Sending it, it went up and up and up. Coming back down it flew into a beehive knocking it to the ground. The bees flew out angrily. For a few minutes the bees were chasing Dobir around the pyramid. He ran and ran until he noticed they weren’t chasing him any more. He then rested in the shade of a date palm tree.

He then saw camels. He wanted to play with them so he ran around and around them. All he managed to do was kick sand into their face. The camels got so annoyed that they chased him around and around the pyramid. When he noticed that they weren’t chasing him he stopped and rested underneath the date palm tree again.

Then he noticed a group of crocodiles lying in the mud of the riverbank. He kicked this hoof up and said Hee Haw, Hee Haw. The largest crocodile got fed up. he moved closer. When Dobir looked down he noticed that the crocodile was about to bite his leg. He ran towards the pyramid and the crocodile and Dobir ran around the pyramid for a bit longer. Until the Crocodile went back to sleep.

Dobir was tired and headed towards the shade of the date palm tree. When his master came Dbir didn’t get up. His master got frustrated, and Dobir and the master when running around and around the pyramid.    


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