Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tony Williams

Tony Williams is an author, comedian, poet, director and filmmaker. Before becoming an author he was a journalist. He has published over 37 books, on many topics. Books on Children’s fiction, murder, sport, war and many others. He has written a series of rugby books, featuring All Black legends Sean Fitzpatrick, Zinzan Brooke, Michael Jones, Ian Jones, Frank Bunce, and Carlos Spencer. He also did a series of 'Super 12' rugby books published in 1998. The teams Blues, Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders, and the Hurricanes. I would love to read his books on sport and murder, cause i’m really interested in those areas.

Questions For Tony Williams

  • Who inspired you become an author?

  • What advice do you give young students, that want to follow in your footsteps?

  • Where do you get your inspiration to keep going with writing books?

  • What’s your views on the government moving people out of their houses?

  • What relaxes you in the evening?

  • How did your skills from journalism help you with writing books?

  • Can you show us the english haka?

  • What movies have you made?

  • What is some of your funniest comedian jokes?

  • Because your a comedian has there ever been a time when you’ve said something and the audience hasn’t laughed?

  • Which job is more complicated being a comedian, or a movie director?

  • I’m making a movie is there any tips you could give me about being a director?


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