Tuesday, 11 December 2012


My Interview with the New Zealand Herald

At 10:00 on Thursday myself and five others had a challenging interview with a man from the New Zealand Herald. He had come to talk to us about poverty in Glen Innes. The question were all very challenging but I was able to answer all of them. While we were answering his questions he kept writing and writing in his little pad. I was worried but thought I did really well. After answering about 15 questions we took photos in the library and outside on the field.

Then today in the morning our principle Mr. Hendricks invited us into his office to show and discuss about the article in the New Zealand Herald. We talked about how we did and also to try and adapt it to our own writing.

Yesterday was really fun and I hope I could do that sort of thing again sometime because I really enjoyed it and it made me think really really hard. Which I like.


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